Martin Fërler was born in Barcelona in 1987. He started to play the piano when he was 13 years old, then he learned to play the guitar and finally, he started singing too.

When he was a teenage boy, he moved to Argentina with his family and there he started playing the piano with some bands with different rythms: metal, folklore and pop.

After moving back to Barcelona, he started his own bands: ‘Dreamers’, ‘Top of the morning’, ‘Fērler’ with an exclusive setlist of songs written by Martin.

He also participated in some cover bands and has collaborated with other bands as Whitenoise or Sons of Meteora, and the singers Litus and Pepe Curioni.

Highlights: In 2015 he joined ‘A cámara lenta‘ band in Barcelona as a pianist and background voice. He also made arrangements to some of the songs and played the piano in their first LP released in 2016 called “Bendita Locura”.

NOW he sings and plays his own music and he just released his first LP with the american producer Frankie Biggz (Latin Grammy Award winner in 2007) “THE UNDERDOG PROJECT”

He is writing and producing songs with Frankie Biggz for artists as: Rachel B, Eddie Blazquez, Daliah Chih, Sarah Markus, etc…